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Hiking description in English

We have divided The Nordland trekking Trail into eight segments and 43 sections. Here you will find the description of the route from north to south. Click on the link for each segment, and you can proceed to the description of each section within that segment.

  • Active reindeer husbandry in all areas. Do not disturb the reindeer, and always keep dogs on a leash.
  • Each of the 8 segments has a road at the beginning and end.
  • The Nordland trekking trail has several entry points, allowing you to choose from day trips to multi-day hikes

For more information about The Nordland Trekking Trail and experiences along the route in English, press here. 

You can find a overview map of the route here.

Link to Name  From place To place Approx. length
Segment 1 Through the Narvik Mountains Bjørnfjell Sijdasjávrre 95 km
Segment 2 On the border Sijdasjávrre Vaisaluokta 105 km
Segment 3 Through Laponia Vaisaluokta Ny-Sulitjelma fjellstue 95 km
Segment 4 Through Junkerdalen Ny-Sulitjelma fjellstue Lønsdal 86 km
Segment 5 Over the nationalpark Saltfjellet Lønsdal Bolna 54 km
Segment 6 Through the mountainous world of Rana Bolna Umbukta 73 km
Segment 7 Along the Okstindan Umbukta Raudlia 49 km
Segment 8 Through Hattfjelldal Raudlia Susendalen 93 km

Foto: Zdeno Dvorak

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