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Travel to Lysebotn Lodge

If you want to visit Lysebotn Lodge, you can travel by bus, car or ferry. We recommend that you always book a place on the ferries, even if you travel without a car.

Publisert: 22. august 2023
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Please note that there is no gas station in Lysebotn. On our parking-space at Lysefjorden Lodge there are two charging stations for electric cars. Charging is also possible at the Kjerag parkeing-lot. Thus you can travel to Lysefjorden Lodge without a car, and there’s a shuttle bus running from Lysebotn to the hiking trails of Kjerag.

Ferry to/from Lysebotn

At this web page you will find the time table for the ferry this summer, as well as other information about the Lysefjord.

It is very important to make reservations. Please note that delays can occur.

Car ferry and passenger ferry: Kolumbus

Bus Sandnes Lauvvik: Route 47 - Kolumbus

Bus Stavanger Jørpeland: Route 100 - Kolumbus

Bus Jørpeland Forsand: Route 120 - Kolumbus

Bus and taxi in Lysebotn

Shuttle bus from Lysebotn to Øygardstøl (Kjerag Parking). Timetable and booking online.

If you need transportation to Fyljesdalen or Nilsebudammen, please contact SBK Base, tel 984 44 159.

By bus from Stavanger to Øygardstøl, or Øygardstøl to Stavanger

In 2024 it will be possible to by a one way ticket by bus to and from Stavanger to the parking for Kjerag. From there you can catch the shuttle bus to Lysebotn.

Kjerag Express Bus - One-way ticket | Go Fjords

Travel by car


Remember to check the timetables

From Stavanger to Lysebotn 2,5-3 hours

From Kristiansand to Lysebotn aprox 4,5 hours

From Bergen to Lysebotn aprox 7 hours

From Oslo to Lysebotn aprox 7 hours

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