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The MASSIV trail

Are you looking for a real test of strength? This 350-kilometre-long mountain trail on the rooftop of Norway takes you through the four large mountain ranges of Breheimen, Jotunheimen, Skarvheimen and Hardangervidda.

Publisert: 04. mars 2024

About the route

MASSIV is a 350-kilometre-long adventure through the most breathtaking nature in Norway, and is ideal for those looking for a real test of strength. Starting at Sota Sæter lodge in Breheimen and ending at Haukeliseter lodge, the MASSIV tour takes you through four of Norway's most spectacular mountain regions. From the undulating Breheimen and the brutal Jotunheimen, it continues into the lush Skarvheimen and over the mighty Hardangervidda. No other tour the length and breadth of Norway can offer such a wide variety of experiences in the wilderness.


The whole MASSIV tour can be done in one go, or in stages over several seasons. You might be tempted to experience Breheimen during winter and explore Hardangervidda in summer? The route is divided into four stages – one for each mountain region – so set yourself a goal, either alone or with family or friends, and tailor the MASSIV tour to suit your wishes. 

How is the route marked?

The entire route follows the Norwegian Trekking Association's marked routes, with overnight stays in staffed lodges and self-service cabins. This saves you from carrying a tent, sleeping bag and food, and lets you pack as lightly as possible. After registering, you will receive a stamp card to take with you on the tour. At each cabin you receive a new stamp, and for each completed mountain region you receive a MASSIV badge.

When you’ve competed all four areas, you will receive your rightful place in our Hall of Fame, the official MASSIV badge, and you can buy the t-shirt as proof of your achievement. 

En turgjeng som går gjennom lyng

How to go MASSIV

You can do the MASSIV tour in stages over several seasons or do the entire tour in one go.  You follow the Norwegian Trekking Association's marked routes and spend the night in staffed and self-service cabins, which allows you to pack lightly and not carry a tent, sleeping bag and food.


Before you go, make sure to get the MASSIV pass. Each cabin or lodge along the route has its own stamps for the MASSIV pass, and there is a separate badge for each mountain area you complete. When you've completed all four areas, you receive your rightful place in our Hall of Fame, the official MASSIV badge, and the opportunity to buy the t-shirt as proof of your achievement.

The MASSIV trail is a 350-km-long adventure. Whether you do it in one go or over several seasons is entirely up to you. Choose to spend several days at a cabin and enjoy some of the hikes in the local area, or complete the MASSIV faster by hiking further each day. Irrespective of what you choose, this is a rough suggestion for planning your tour.  

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