Massiv Hardangervidda winter - 16 to 24. march 

This MASSIV expedition is the one everyone is talking about!

Publisert: 27. oktober 2023
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Maximum number of participants: 12 (plus two tour leaders) 

Welcome letters are sent to participants 1-2 weeks before the start of the tour, with information such as the name and contact information of the main tour leader.


16 to 24. march 


  • NOK  11.500,- from Finse/to Haukeliseter
  • Non-membership supplement: NOK 1.500,-

About the trip

Hardangervidda is perfect for anyone wanting a multiday ski tour who appreciates wind and snow in their face just as much as the winter sun. 

An excellent ski tour with many different lodges to visit along the way. Marked trails and tour leaders lead the way. There’s only one cabin where we decide what’s for dinner and when it’s served - the self-service cabin Hellevassbu. Besides that, to the south our hosts are ready and waiting to welcome and warm us.

Prepare for the backpacking tour by carrying a rucksack on skiing trips this winter and then look forward to joining this amazing expedition.

Our tour leaders are well prepared!



Day 1: Arrival at Finsehytta lodge (1,223 m.a.s.l.)

Meet at Finsehytta lodge at about 19:00.  It’s about 400-metres' skiing to Finsehytta lodge (DNT). Dinner on arrival at Finse. After dinner, we gather in one of the lounges for a presentation and information about the tour.

Day 2: Finse - Krækkja lodge (1,161 m.a.s.l.), about 24 km/7-8 hours
The first day skiing with a rucksack is always exciting. Today’s terrain is nice and varied. The highest point on the route is about 1,400 metres above sea level and most of the uphill sections come early in the day. First we head up towards the Finsefetene flats, then down to Midtnutevatnet lake (1,323 m.a.s.l) and Finnsbergvatnet lake (1,190 m.a.s.l). Just before the descent to Krækkja lodge (DNT) we pass Drageidfjorden lake. There’s dinner and a get-together in the lounge in the evening

Day 3: Krækkja - Stigstuv lodge (1,238 m.a.s.l.), about 23 km/7 hours
We ski south, cross the Rv7 road at Halne, and continue through slightly hilly terrain to Stigstuv lodge.  The highest point on today's trip is 1,380 metres above sea level. Stigstuv is a privately managed lodge where it’s always a pleasure to arrive. 

Day 4: Stigstuv - Sandhaug lodge (1,250 m.a.s.l.), about 19 km/6 hours
There’s a wonderful plateau with stunning panoramic views on the way to Sandhaug lodge. Today's highest point is 1,300 metres above sea level. Sandhaug is a beautiful DNT lodge, situated in the heart of the plateau, where you will be well looked after.

Day 5: Stay in Sandhaug
Enjoy a leisurely breakfast on your first and only rest day. A trip in the vicinity may well be possible, but the weather, the tour participants' wishes, and the advice of tour leaders and lodge managers, will determine where we ski. You might be more tempted to stay in the warm lodge with a good book... it’s up to you!

Day 6: Sandhaug - Litlos lodge (1,180 m.a.s.l.), about 27 km/8-9 hours
Today's leg is long but beautiful. We’re gradually moving further west and will experience more formations in the terrain. Litlos lodge is far off the beaten track, so you can really soak up the atmosphere of the Hardangervidda plateau. Today’s highest point is about 1,400 metres above sea level. Once there, we enjoy dinner and relaxing in the lounge.

Day 7: Litlos – Hellevassbu cabin (self-service),  (1,167 m.a.s.l.), about 20 km/6 hours
The first few kilometres of today’s trip is across flat terrain and Kvennsjøen lake (1,167 m.a.s.l). Then there’s a climb, eventually reaching the highest point on today's leg, about 1,340 metres above sea level. It’s slightly hilly before the section between Buanuten (1,467 m.a.s.l) and Sandvikenuten (1,390 m.a.s.l) and down to Hellevassbu cabin. We find what we want to eat in the provisions store and make dinner together.

Day 8: Hellevassbu - Haukeliseter lodge (1,000 m.a.s.l.), about 23 km/7 hours
On the final day of skiing, most of the ascents are in the first five kilometres, and we then continue through a beautiful landscape. Our destination is Haukeliseter lodge, by the E134 motorway.  Today’s highest point is 1,358 metres above sea level. We end the trip with dinner and our last pleasant evening together.

Day 9: The journey home
After a long and hearty breakfast, we say our goodbyes.

Tour itineraries are subject to change!

The tour leaders decide whether a tour can go ahead as scheduled, after consulting lodge managers and participants and taking into account the conditions and weather forecast.

All time estimates are based on an average speed of about 3 km an hour. Please note that breaks, weather and conditions etc. are not taken into account in the estimated duration of the tour. 

How to get to/from the meeting point

Participants must make their own way to the tour’s meeting point. The tour leader, administration and lodge managers cannot, for various reasons, arrange lifts in private cars. It is important that you ensure you have a means of transport before signing up for the tour. 

By public transport from Oslo:

Day 1: Train from Oslo to Finse

Last day: Bus from Haukeliseter to Oslo - directly

See timetables at

DNT is not responsible for changes/errors in timetables.  Participants are responsible for checking whether timetables are correct before signing up for a tour.

Driving from Oslo:

Drive via Hallingdal to Ål then take the train to Finse.

Maps and timetable information:

Walking map Finse, Eidfjord, Haukelifjell and Nordmannslågen, all in 1:50 000. Check for up-to-date map and timetable information. Maps can be purchased from the DNT Tour Information Centre or on the Online Shop

Grading of guided tours: demanding - length black/terrain red

The mountains are beautiful but unpredictable in winter. Even the easiest of skiing trips can become very demanding in bad weather and difficult conditions. Having the right and proper equipment will often make these trips the most memorable, inspiring good camaraderie and stories to be told. In the mountains, you will go off-piste and need to be prepared to tread your own trails. Pack your rucksack in a proper and smart manner.

Tour leaders and tour routes

Our tour leaders are volunteers. They have undergone tour-leader courses and have a lot of mountain experience. Tour leaders derive great pleasure from guiding and enjoy sharing their experience and love of nature with participants. You can read more about our tour leaders here.  


For safety reasons, your rucksack must contain the right, important clothing and equipment. We refer you to our winter packing list.
It is compulsory that all participants on our winter tours bring their own sleeping bag, sleeping mat, survival shelter/emergency bivy and shovel. nordic mountain skis and boots are required on all our mountain ski tours. 
Ski skins and snow goggles (storm goggles) are very useful on our winter tours.
Read more tips about ski skins and ski wax.

You can use your sleeping-bag liner in the cabin/lodge beds. Sleeping bags cannot be used.

Important information about DNT tours

When you sign up for this tour, you confirm that you have read and accept the terms and conditions set out in the ‘Terms and conditions for participating in organised tours with DNT in Norway’.


The tour package includes

The tour package includes: accommodation, tour guides, all meals (breakfast, lunch / thermos and usually three-course dinner), with the exception of: first day only dinner, last day only breakfast + lunch / thermos.

Necessary special diet: Please give notice when you book your tour!

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