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Andre uken av minutt for minutt gikk fem dager gjennom Jotunheimen. Bildet er fra turen fra Fannaråkhytta og ned til frodige Skogadalsbøen.

Welcome to Fannaråkhytta

Located on the peak of Fannaråken at an elevation of 2068m, Fannaråkhytta is Norway's highest tourist lodge.

Publisert: 30. august 2023
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About Fannaråken

A breathtaking view

Few peaks can compete with the view from Fannaråken, which includes the Hurrungane string of peaks and the Smørstab and Jostedal glaciers. Sunrise with Jotunheim peaks around the points of the compass is an unforgettable scene, an outdoor experience for life.

You can hike to Fanaråkhytta from Skogadalsbøen (5 hours), Sognefjellhytta, Krossbu or Turtagrø (4-6 hours).

From Krossbu or Sognefjellshytta, you can join a guided roped party that leaves the edge of the glacier at 12:30 every day and goes over the glacier up to the lodge. Allow about three hours to the edge of the glacier and about two hours over it. Book a place in the roped party at the lodge where you stay the previous night within 09:00 pm or by telephone to the Fannaråkhytta warden.

Access to Fannaråken

  • By car to Krossbu or Sognefjellshytta on National Road 55 in Leirdalen.
  • By bus (Møre-ekspressen) or by Dovre Line train to Otta from Oslo or the Gardermoen gateway airport, then by bus southwest from Otta to Krossbu or Sognefjellshytta.

Booking in advance

Be aware of that you now have to book your bed in advance. Fannaråkhytta is very popular and we do have a limit of 30 accommodations each night. If you arrive without having booked in advance, it may be necessary to walk down the same day.

Due to different price categories, you book your beds one by one and add in the cart. In the end you check your cart.

Cancellation policy

When cancelling your accommodation 10 days before your stay at the latest, you will receive a refund for your accomodation costs.

If the weather is so bad it is irresponsible to hike up to Fannaråkhytta, we are flexible.

Contact the host: fannarakhytta@dnt.no

Book your stay

It has now become easier to book a cabin trip at DNT cabins. Book accommodation at Fannaråkhytta now!


Contact us

Host at Fannaråkhytta is Ina Charlotte Moe.

In season:

  • Phone: +47 48 15 22 44

Off season:

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