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General Terms and Conditions for Participation in Tours and Activities Organized by DNT

These terms and conditions apply to tours/activities organized by DNT's member associations and their local groups. Some tours/activities are considered package tours under the Package Travel Act. For such cases, specific provisions are documented in point 13.

1. The Agreement 

The agreement between the participant and the organizer consists of the tour and activity description, other information provided by the organizer, and these general terms and conditions. In some cases, the organizer may describe specific conditions in the tour description, in which case these specific conditions will take precedence over the general terms and conditions. 

The agreement becomes binding when the participant, following registration for the tour/activity, receives confirmation from the organizer that the registration has been received, and the participant has secured a place on the tour/activity. 

The agreement entitles the participant to take part in the specific tour/activity as described in the organizer's activity description, provided the participant meets the skill and equipment requirements. 

2. The Organizer's Obligations 

The organizer must ensure that the tour/activity is carried out as agreed. The organizer must make efforts to prevent participants from facing any inconvenience due to necessary changes in the tour/activity due to unforeseen circumstances. 

The organizer cannot alter the agreement or the content of the tour/activity to the detriment of the participant unless precautions have been made, and this is specified in the agreement. In such a case, the participant should be notified as soon as possible. 

The organizer is obligated to comply with their duty to assist participants in difficulties according to the Package Travel Act. 

3. The Participant's Obligations 

The participant is obliged to familiarize themselves with the general terms and conditions in addition to any conditions provided by the organizer on the website or communicated in other ways. 

The participant must thoroughly read the relevant activity program and ensure that they can participate without risk or disadvantage to themselves or others. 

If the participant's health is not good, they should consult a doctor before the tour/activity. The participant must provide the organizer with information about medical conditions that may affect the conduct of the tour/event and any other conditions that they should understand are significantly relevant to the event. 

If someone is booking on behalf of others, they must provide correct and relevant information about these participants and ensure that the participants can comply with the terms and conditions applicable to the tour/activity. 

The participant may be denied participation in all or parts of the tour/activity if the tour leader determines that participation may pose a safety risk to the participant or other participants, for example, due to the participant's health, physical condition, or inadequate equipment. 

The participant must follow the safety instructions given by the tour leader. 

The participant must comply with instructions provided by the organizer regarding time and place of assembly, etc. 

The participant must adhere to rules and regulations applicable at overnight accommodation or similar. 

The participant is responsible for any additional expenses incurred as a result of withdrawing  from the tour/activity before its completion. 

The participant must check that any tickets and travel documents correspond to the booking. 

Adults who are registered for a tour/activity with children under 18 must ensure that the children fulfill the obligations of participants mentioned above and must at all times supervise the children and ensure their safety. 

If the participant has to withdraw from the tour/activity due to a violation of the above rules, the organizer is not responsible for any additional expenses the participant incurs in such a situation, and there will be no refund of the fees paid for the tour/event. 

The participant may be held responsible for damage caused to the organizer by a gross violation of the rules above. 

4. Responsibility and Risk 

The organizer will ensure that all activities take place safely and responsibly. However, all outdoor activities are associated with some risk. Participation in the specific tour or activity is therefore at the participant's own risk. The organizer does not assume responsibility for the actions and omissions of participants during the specific tour or activity, and thus is not liable for any loss or damage that may occur. 

Since participation is at the participant's own risk, the participant should have travel and accident insurance from an insurance company. 

5. Right to Transfer Participation 

The participant has the right to transfer participation in the tour/activity to another person who meets the conditions for participating in the specific tour/activity on condition that the organizer is notified of the transfer within a reasonable time before the tour/event. The organizer may charge a fee of NOK 300 for administration. 

6. Changes 

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the program due to weather and road conditions, changes in schedules, changes in opening hours for accommodation, or other special conditions that make it difficult to carry out the tour as planned. 

The organizer will strive to carry out the event according to the program to the greates extent possible. If this is not possible, the organizer has the right to make changes that, if possible, should be communicated to the participants before departure. The tour leader will inform participants of changes during the tour. Significant changes communicated before departure entitle participants to free cancellation. Participants do not have the right to a refund for changes during the tour. Exceptions can be made if the number of overnight stays is not as stated. 

7. Payment 

For tours/activities with payment, the organizer may require payment of a deposit or payment of the entire participant fee upon registration. The organizer can terminate the agreement if payment/deposit is not in the organizer's account two days after the due date. 

8. Price

The total price per person is stated on the specific activity page of the organizer. The price includes what is described in the specific tour's program on the activity page and includes taxes and any additional fees and charges. Other benefits are not included in the price and must be purchased separately. 

The price may change if there are changes in public taxes and fees, exchange rate changes, or ticket prices (transportation costs) that will make it more expensive for the organizer to conduct the tour. The participant may similarly demand a price reduction if corresponding changes occur in favor of the participant. 

In the case of a price increase, the participant should be given a justification and a calculation of the increase. Notice of a price increase must be given to the participant no later than 20 days before the start of the tour. A price increase of more than 8% entitles the participant to cancel the purchase. 

9. Cancellation with a Fee 

The participant has the right to cancel the tour/activity. The following rules apply to cancellation: 

If cancelled 15 days or more before departure, the entire participant fee shall be refunded, except for an administration fee of NOK 300 per booking. 

  • This fee also applies to changes to the booking. 
  • If the cost of the activity is equal to or lower than the administration fee, no refund is given.
  • The administration fee does not apply to tours/activities that are free. However, DNT still wishes to receive notification of cancellation. 

For later cancellations, the following applies: 

  • 14-8 days before departure: 50% of the participant fee is refunded, however, amounts less than NOK 300 are not refunded. 
  •  7-0 days before departure or in case of non-appearance: No participant fee is refunded. 

Cancellation must be made in writing by email to the organizer, see contact details under point 15. 

10. Cancellation Due to Insufficient Participants

The organizer may cancel the tour/activity if the number of places sold or the occupancy rate set by the organizer as a condition for conducting the tour/activity is not met. In case of cancellation, the organizer must, if possible, inform the participants:

  • No later than 20 days before the start date for tours/activities lasting more than 6 days.
  • No later than 7 days before the start date for tours/activities lasting between 2 and 6 days.
  • No later than 48 hours before the start date for trips lasting less than 2 days. 

Written notice of cancellation must reach the participant no later than the deadline. 

In the event of cancellation due to too few participants, the entire amount paid will be refunded as soon as possible. Beyond this, the participant has no claim for compensation. 

11. Complaints 

The participant may terminate the agreement before the tour/activity starts if it is clear that the tour/activity has significant defects. The same applies if the agreement terms are changed to the participant's significant disadvantage. In such a case, the participant must notify the organizer of the termination within a reasonable time. Upon termination, the participant is entitled to a refund of amounts paid and, for package tours, any compensation under the Package Travel Act. 

The tour has a defect if the travel services that the tour consists of are defective, and the participant is not at fault. The participant must complain about defects without undue delay. Defects entitle the participant to demand rectification, alternative services, price reduction, termination, and compensation according to the provisions of applicable laws. 

12. Personal Information 

The organizer processes personal information such as name, email address, and phone number in connection with registration and participation in the event. Personal information about the participant may, if necessary, be shared with the organizer's collaborators, such as transportation companies or accommodation providers. 

The organizer will use contact information about the participant to send an evaluation form after the tour with the aim of improving the service. 

During tours/activities organized by DNT's member associations, photographs of participants may be taken. Such photographs may be used in DNT's and member associations' publications, own websites, or other media. If the participant does not want to be photographed, they must inform the relevant tour leader. 

13. Special Provisions on Package Tours 

13.1 Package Tours 

"Package tours" refer to tours considered package tours under the Package Travel Act and are therefore subject to the Package Travel Act. 

Package tours are tours lasting more than 24 hours and include payment for at least 2 of these travel services: 

  • Tour with a tour leader/guide 
  • Accommodation with overnight stay at a tourist cabin, hotel, or similar 
  • Personal transport, such as by bus or boat
  • Rental of a vehicle
  • For other tours/arrangements, the Package Travel Act and the provisions of the terms and conditions for package tours do not apply

13.2 Standard Information on Package Tours 

The combination of travel services offered constitutes a package tour under the Package Travel Act. The participant is therefore covered by all rights applicable to package tours. The organizer has full responsibility for ensuring that the package tour as a whole is carried out correctly. 

The organizer also has a legally required travel guarantee that ensures a refund of the participant's payments in case of insolvency of the organizer. If transportation is included in the package tour, the travel guarantee also covers return transportation. More information on key rights under the Package Travel Act can be found here. 

14. Cancellation 

In the event of unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances that prevent the toru/activity from being carried out, DNT has the right to terminate the agreement without liability for compensation, for example in the case of natural disasters, extreme weather, pandemics, or similar. The examples are not exhaustive. 

15. Contact Information for the Organizer 

The organizer's name, address, phone number, and email address are stated in the tour description for each individual event. 

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