Aurlandsdalen Turisthytte Østerbø

Welcome to Aurlandsdalen Turisthytte

Aurlandsdalen Turisthytte is a beautiful mouintain hut in the heart of ​​​​​​​Aurlandsdalen and has been welcoming mountain hikers since 1894.

Publisert: 18. september 2023

Practical information

About the lodge

Aurlandsdalen Turisthytte is perfect for all age groups and people, not at least families with children. If you want to spend more than one night at the lodge there are many opportunities for activities in the surrounding areas. Along the river down the Aurlandsdalen (Aurland Valley) there are many idyllic bathing pools which can be perfect for a relaxing day in the sun. The lodge have a large outdoor area suitable for playing ball games and different activities for all.

Otherwise, the place is excellent for those who want to try their fishing luck. Fishing licenses can be purchased at the cabin and we also have boat and canoe which all guests can borrow. The close by valley called “Langedalen” is a good starting point for those who want to hike a short or long day trip from Aurlandsdalen Turisthytte.

The lodge has totally 116 beds divided in 2-bed room, 3-bed room, 4 to 6-bed room and a dormitory. In addition, there are 7 “private” cabins with 3, 4 or 5 beds.

If you want to bring your dog we have a few rooms for dog and owner. Please contact us if you need a room for you and your dog.

Every evening a homemade 3-course dinner will be served with ingredients from local small producers. In the morning you will find a breakfast buffet where you can make your own lunch pack and fill your thermos with hot beverages.


How to get here

Aurlandsdalen Turisthytte is located at Østerbø in Aurland municipality approx. 820 meters above sea level with access from the main road.

With car:

From Oslo: Drive the Road 7 up to Hagafoss and turn into Road 50 (Hol-Aurland) and continue approx. 65 km. Exit Road 50 with the sign to Østerbø
From Bergen: Drive Road 16 to Aurland (10 km after Flåm). Turn into Road 50 (Aurland – Hol) and continue approx. 30 km. Exit Road 50 with the sign to Østerbø

Public transportation

With bus:

You can take the bus to Aurland from both Bergen and Oslo. In Aurland you need to change to the local bus to Østerbø. It is also possible to take taxi from Aurland/Flåm. 


  • From Oslo: Take the Bergen line to Ål and then the 12 o’clock bus from Ål to Østerbø. This bus is only driving in the main season (end of June to end of August) and only one trip per day (12.00).
  • From Oslo: Take the Bergen line to Myrdal and change to the Flåm line. From Flåm take the local bus to Østerbø
  • From Bergen: Take the Bergen line to Myrdal and change to the Flåm line. From Flåm take the local bus to Østerbø


The best way to book your stay at Gjendebu is to use our online booking. But you can also contact us by email or phone. 

Everyone who come to Aurlandsdalen Turisthytte will be able to get meals and accommodation. There is normally always room in the DNT cabins, but sometimes only simple logdes for drop-ins. So, if it is important for you to get a room or bed we strongly recommend you to make a reservation through our online-booking.

All reservations are with full board, including dinner, breakfast and a self-packed lunch with warm or cold drink. If you want to make a reservation for a group (i.e. min 10 persons) or for special arrangements, please send us an email.


If you are traveling with a dog, please contact us. Dog is allowed on some of our rooms, but not at all!

Also enter "dog" in the notes box when you order.


You may cancel the booking until 5 days before arrival for free. If cancellation 0-4 days before arrival the whole booking will be invoiced as a cancellation fee.

Book your stay

It has now become easier to book a cabin trip at DNT cabins. Book accommodation at Aurlandsdalen Turisthytte now!

Staffed cabins prices

DNT pension includes accommodation, 3-course dinner, breakfast, self-packed lunch (4 slices of bread) and a shower.

Adult with DNT pension from 990,-


  • 990,- in dormitories 
  • 1 120,- In rooms with 4-6 bunks
  • 1 190,- in roomes with 1-3 bunks 


  • 1 300,- in dormitories 
  • 1 475,- In rooms with 4-6 bunks
  • 1 550,- in roomes with 1-3 bunks 

Children 13-18 years with DNT pension from 850,-


  • 850,- in dormitories 
  • 920,- In rooms with 4-6 bunks
  • 935,- in roomes with 1-3 bunks 


  • 1 300,- in dormitories
  • 1 475,- In rooms with 4-6 bunks
  • 1 550,- in roomes with 1-3 bunks 

Children 4-12 years with DNT pension from 465,-


  • 465,- in dormitories 
  • 520,- In rooms with 4-6 bunks
  • 545,- in roomes with 1-3 bunks 


  • 730,- in dormitories
  • 810,- In rooms with 4-6 bunks
  • 850,- in roomes with 1-3 bunks 

Our prices is based on DNT Oslo and Omegn price list. Prices may vary from other DNT-cabins. For more information about prices on our staffed cabins, click here

Benefits of being a member

If you are a DNT member, you get a discount on both accommodation and food at our cabins.

If you stay overnight for more than 2 days you will save up the price of the membership. With the membership you will receive discount on accommodation at DNT's 550 cabins. You will also receive discount on outdoor equipment and on DNT tours.

The membership fee also contributes to support our work marking and clearing paths in all our areas. With the support we are able to operate the DNT huts, arrange trips and facilitate good experiences in our forests and mountains. 

To become a DNT Member - sign up here! 

Contact us

Address: Østerbø, 5745 Aurland

Phone: +47 48 38 82 87 or +47 91 81 71 16


Experience the historic Aurlandsdalen Valley

This is a perfeckt starting point if you would like to hike the spectatuculer and breathtaking route between Østerbø and Vassbygdi (Aurland Valley) which is a very famous old historical route from east to west in Norway.

If you would like to stay for several days at the hut you could also take short or longer hikes in the surruonding mountain areas, in addition the Prest and Rimstigen is possible by car or bus.


The hut is located close to Flåm, Flåmsbana (the Flam Railway), UNESCO listed Nærøyfjord, Stegastein, Borgund stave church and the Sognefjord.
This place is also a natural place for accommoadition if you are doing the hiking route from Finse- Geiteryggen- Østerbø- Vassbygdi.

We are open only in summertime.

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