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The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) is Norway's biggest outdoor activities organization. DNT has more than 300,000 members in 56 local member organisations across the country, - Troms Turlag is one of them. Members of DNT have 50 percent discount on the price of accommodation in Troms Turlag's cabins.

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Get membership prices at DNT lodges and cabins, guided tours and activities and also support DNT's mission.

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Opening hours for the DNT/Troms Turlag office in Tromsø - Kirkegata 2, 2nd floor:

Wednesday 12.00-16.00
Thursday 12.00-18.00
Friday 12.00-16.00

Email: troms@dnt.no
Questions about booking of cabins: booking.troms@dnt.no 

Our cabins
Troms Turlag has 36 cabins, with an associated network of paths and trails. The cabins are located in the area around Tromsø, in Reisadalen, Lyngen, inner Troms, on Ringvassøy, Senja and Vannøya. 

All cabins are locked, unattended and without food storage. They have no running water or electricity, but some cabins have solar panels that provide electricity for lighting. The cabins have beds with mattresses, pillows and blankets or duvets. You must bring your own sheet bag or sleeping bag. We also recommend that you always bring matches, candles and toilet paper when hiking. The cabins have the necessary equipment for cooking and washing, places to relax, to read or play board games. All visitors are obliged to tidy rooms and wash floors before leaving. Please leave the cabin in better condition than you found it. The cabins are supervised by members on a voluntary basis. 

Below you can find all you need to know: 

About Troms Turlag's cabins
1. Life at Troms Turlag’s cabins
2. Transport options  
3. Pre-booking a bed 
4. DNT's cabin key
5. Payment
6. Clothing and equipment
7. Mobile phone coverage
8. Dogs
9. Commercial groups 
10. Solar power

Detailed information about each cabin will be found at www.ut.no. There you will also find maps of the area and hiking suggestions near the cabins.

1: Life at Troms Turlag’s cabins
The cabins are the members' common good, and are thus an example of sustainable cabin life. We share the benefits. In the cabin we keep our own things in order, make room for the others and take turns fetching water, firewood or doing other work needed to make our stay pleasant. In return, we get the pleasure of getting to know new people, sharing experiences and adventures, playing games and experiencing good fellowship. You can choose to pre-book a bed if you wish, or you can visit the cabins without having booked. You are equally welcome whatever you choose to do.

Remember that all visitors are obliged to tidy rooms and wash floors before leaving. Please leave the cabin in better condition than you found it.

We also ask all guests to read and follow the information available at the cabin in the form of notices and in the red information folder (se below).

Please let us know if there is anything you miss or think is unclear.

2: Transport options
Most of our cabins are located off the beaten track. This can make it a bit challenging to get to where the trails start. We recommend the use of public transportation, carpooling and the use of emission-free cars.
Local buses within the region of Troms: 

How to get to
- Kilpisjärvi: There is no bus connection during winter. You may catch a bus to Skibotn (No 160) then continue to the border by taxi (40km). Bus to Kilpisjärvi between mid-June and September (remember the one-hour time difference between Norway and Finland) https://www.eskelisen.fi/timetables-and-routes/
- Rostadalen: Bus from Tromsø to Øverbygd (No 105) then taxi from Øverbygd to Rostadalen (around 25 km). There are grocery shops in Øverbygd.
- Dividalen: Bus from Tromsø to Øverbygd then a taxi to the end of the road in Dividalen (around 40 km).
- Altevatn: Bus from Narvik or Tromsø (No 100) to Setermoen, from where you catch a taxi to Altevatn (40 km).
- Skipsfjorden: Bus (No 430) / private car from Tromsø to Hansnes. Ferry from Hansnes to Skåningbukt, Vannøy https://fylkestrafikk.no/ .Bus (No 440) / private car from Skåningbukt to Hamre, start of the trail to Gammelhuset I Skipsfjorden. 

How to continue from
- Lappjord cabin: walking from Lappjord (Norway) to Tornehamn (Sweden) catching the train to either Narvik or somewhere in Sweden. To view train timetables, please visit: www.ofotbanen.no 
- Nedrefosshytta: Check out options for travelling with river boat up/down the river Reisaelva https://reisanasjonalpark.no/en/elvebaat/
- Golda cabin: In summer, the boat “Mallabåten” may take you across the lake from Koltaluokta to Kilpisjärvi https://www.mallalaiva.com/treriksroset/

3: Pre-booking a bed
When pre-booking a bed, you book and pay for your cabin stay in full in advance.

Booking online at ut.no Search for cabins name, and you will come to the cabins site. Use the button "bestill overnatting". Now you can chose language. Follow the instructions for booking/payment. When booking is completed, you will get a comfirmation e-mail. If you have booked beds in one of our cabins with a codelock (Nedrefosshytta, Altevasshytta, Jægervasshytta, Senjabu, Gammelhuset i Skipsfjord), you will find the code in the confirmation e-mail. You still have to bring the standard DNT-key (Outhouses with toilet/wood is closed with this key).

You book one bed per person and enter your name and membership number for those who are members. Choose the right price category! 
Please note that you must be a member to pay the member price.                    

The booking system is based on trust. If incorrect use of prices is detected, a fee of NOK 500,- will be charged. 

Those who book have priority access to the beds in the cabin. The deadline for arrival is 9 pm. If you have not arrived by this time, other visitors are free to use the bed. If you have booked, but arrive after 9 pm and "your" bed is occupied, you can use available beds or mattresses/sofas in the cabin. 

No one should be turned away from the cabins on the grounds that the cabin is full.

Cancellations made up to six (6) days prior to the day of attendance are entitled to a full refund. Cancellations made later do not entitle you to a refund. 

(Example: A stay from Friday must be cancelled no later than 11:59 pm on the Saturday before). You cancel by using the cancellation link you receive in the confirmation email.

A paid stay entitles you to use the cabin you have booked or another cabin five (5) days before and after the booked date. The right to a bed or mattress in such a case will apply to free beds after the attendance deadline of 9 pm. Changes are noted in the visitor log. Visitors who stay more than one day without having booked a bed for the period must give way to new visitors.

Please note that it is also possible to use the cabins without pre-booking a bed. 

However, then you are not guaranteed a bed if you arrive late or if the beds in the cabin are already occupied.

The booking system started in 2022 and will be evaluated after three years. 

If you have any comments, praise or criticism about the booking, send us an email and tell us about your experience; troms@dnt.no. We would like to hear from you.

Please note:
Stays for commercial groups must be pre-cleared with the TT-office troms@dnt.no before booking.

4: The DNT cabin key
The DNT cabin key can only be purchased by members. Others, who are part of a group, also have access if at least one from the group has a valid membership. 

The DNT key is suitable for most of the more than 580 cabins that the Norwegian Trekking Association has around the country. 

Most of Troms Turlag's cabins and all woodsheds are locked with DNT's cabin key.

Members may borrow the key by paying a deposit of NOK 100.

Key collection:
If you are in Tromsø, keys can be picked up at the Troms Turlag’s office during opening hours. Andresen Våpenforretning in Storgata also has keys. They are open every weekday and have longer opening hours than our office. You may also order keys online via DNT's online shop.

Outside Tromsø, you pick up a key at these locations:
Nordreisa: Halti National Park Centre, Storslett. Tel: 77 77 05 50
Nordkjosbotn: Circle K. Tel: 77 72 81 22
Øverbygd: Vårheim Jern & Motor. Tel: 77 83 81 23
Bardufoss: Bardufosstun, Ole Reistads vei 4. Tel: 77 83 46 00
Bardu, Polar Park: Bonesveien 319, 9360 Bardu. Tel: 48 24 00 00
Setermoen: Sport1 Bardu, Coop Xtra centre, Gammelveien 8, Tel: 47 45 73 14
Sjøvegan: Sport1, Sjøvegan. Tel: 77 17 49 00
Finnsnes: Finnsnes Autoservice (Esso). Tel: 77 85 09 50
Abisko: Abisko Tourist Centre. Tel: +46 980 402 00
Kilpisjärvi: Kilpisjärven Retkeilykeskus (Kilpisjärvi Holiday Village & Camping), Käsivarrantie 14663. Tel: +358 40 778 9445. NB! TEMPORARILY CLOSED.

Return of the key with refund of the deposit must be done at a collection point. The deposit is refunded in cash - we cannot refund the amount to the individual's bank account.

5: Paying
Troms Turlag is dependent on income from accommodation to maintain and operate the cabins. The transport of firewood and gas is particularly costly; wood and gas must be transported to many of the cabins by helicopter, which is expensive for the organisation. Even if you only stop by during the day or pitch a tent near the cabin, you must pay to use room or toilet facilities. So please pay your fee, - and make us happy!

Methods for paying if you have not pre-booked:
1. The mobile app «DNT Hyttebetaling»
2. Money transfer to Troms Turlag’s bank account 8245 06 09 141.
Information needed for payments from abroad:
IBAN: No 41 8245 0609141                 
3. Envelope with cash in money box in the cabin
4. At Troms Turlag’s office, Kirkegata 2, Tromsø during opening hours.

Always name the cabin as well as your number in the visitor’s protocol and date when paying.

6: Safety on tour
We'd like to emphasize the special conditions you will meet in the Arctic. Weather changes very quickly. You may experience snow in the summer as well as several seasons during an hour. The mobile coverage is not reliable, so do not expect to be able to call for assistance. Trekking in our region requires knowledge, preparations and proper equipment. Acknowledge your limitations, do not choose hazardous tours without knowledge and experience in the area. Ask for advice from local guides. 

Make yourself familiar with the following:

www.ut.no tells you about hiking routes and cabins
A good map is essential https://www.kartbutikken.no/finn-kart-kbny
Loading you backpack wisely helps a lot
Check www.yr.no for the latest weather forecast
The Norwegian outdoors is accessible for everyone, but rules apply

Winter safety in the mountains – the Norwegian mountain code, clothing etc.
www.senorge.no  offers information regarding snow and weather
www.varsom.no gives you weather warnings and avalanche bulletins 
It is very helpful for tour planning to avoid avalanche terrain.

What to take along on a summer hike (in Norwegian)

7: Dog facilities
In general, dogs are not allowed in any living room. 

Troms Turlag has three categories of cabins with regard to arrangements for dogs:

Inside the cabin dogs are only allowed in the entrance. Some of these cabins provide dog cages that should be used.    We encourage everyone who has a dog staying in the outer passage to bring their own blanket / sleeping mat to keep in the cage and possibly a blanket for the dog. This way we avoid damp blankets being left in the cages, which in turn create odor and unpleasant conditions for the next dog.
Some places there are a separate dog annex where you can stay with your dog.
A small cabin with a couple of beds, an oven and a kitchenette. The annexes may differ in size and equipment; some has only one room, others have cages in the outer passage for the dogs to stay.

Dog sledges should be placed 100 meters away from the cabin. 

Please respect the cabin rules, follow information signs and show consideration for others.

8: Mobile phones
Only some of our cabins have mobile phone coverage. When planning your trip, it is important to consider that you cannot rely on your mobile phone in an emergency. For best safety you therefore need to bring a satellite phone (Inreach, Spot etc.) 

9: Commercial groups
The cabins belong to and are run by the volunteers of Troms Turlag. The members of DNT maintain, share and have priority to use the cabins.

All commercial companies, tour operators and arctic guides who want to visit Troms Turlag’s cabins with their groups are obliged to contact https://troms.dnt.no before booking and setting out on a trip. 
Without a permission given, the visit will be regarded as not legal and a penalty fee of NOK 5,000 will be issued.

Note that all visitors are obliged to tidy rooms and wash floors before leaving. Please leave the cabin in better condition than you found it.
In the event of insufficient cleaning or washing, you will be charged a penalty fee of NOK 2,400.

  • The price per night per person is NOK 800, same price for tents using cabin or toilet facilities. The price for day visits is NOK 100. 
    Make sure to choose the right price category when booking.
  • The price per person for commercial groups is independent of membership status.
  • Guides must have a valid DNT membership in order to borrow a key and use the cabin.
  • On arrival all participants should sign in the visitor’s protocol and be sure to follow the cabin rules.
  • Note: The cabins should not be used by business- and commercial operators during weekends and peak seasons like New Years Day, school’s winter holiday, Easter holidays, Ascension Day and Pentecost, May 1th and 17th.

10: Solar power
Solar power has been installed in the following cabins:

Cabin USB charging
Senjabu No
Trollvassbu No
Blåkollkoia No 
Gamle Gappo Yes
Jubileumshytta Rosta Yes
Vuomastua Yes
Nye Divi Yes
Nye Gaskas Yes

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