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Summer hiking gear list

We suggest you bring the following clothes and hiking gear during your summer hiking in Norway.

Publisert: 14. oktober 2023


  • wool, part wool or synthetic underwear
  • wool socks/stockings
  • wind jacket/anorak or all-weather jacket
  • mountain trousers
  • shirt or light sweater of wool or fleece
  • boots
  • rucksack

Other useful gear

  • binoculars
  • camera
  • transport schedules
  • glasses
  • medicines
  • tickets
  • GPS
  • book(s)
  • candle
  • firestarter paper
  • multi-purpose tool
  • sitting pad

For tent camping you also need 

  • sleeping bag
  • sleeping pad
  • cook set and fuel
  • food
  • cup
  • plate and cutlery
  • tent
  • you can leave out a thermos

Total weight can easily be 15 - 20 kg for tenting

In pack or pockets

  • rain jacket (if your jacket isn't all-weather)
  • rain trousers (if your trousers isn't all-weather)
  • cap/hat
  • scarf/neckband
  • gloves/mittens
  • sweater/jacket, wool or fleece
  • wool, part wool or synthetic long underwear
  • shorts
  • T-shirt
  • sleeping bag/sleeping liner
  • first aid kit
  • indoor footwear
  • extra underwear (trousers, shirt, socks)
  • extra indoor trousers (optional)
  • toiletries
  • towel
  • toilet paper
  • suntan cream
  • sunglasses
  • insect repellent 
  • map and compass
  • map case (with pencil and paper)
  • knife
  • headlamp/flashlight
  • boot waterproofing
  • lunch packet
  • thermos or water bottle
  • emergency rations
  • money
  • keys (cabins, car, home etc.)
  • DNT membership card
  • Total weight: 7 - 12 kg.
  • In the forests you can get along with less gear and it does not have to have the quality needed  for mountain hiking. The same applies to sheltered areas along  the coast.


Spring, summer and autumn can have winter weather in the mountains, so extra warm clothing is essential.

Pack light and don't take too much!

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