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Be considerate of wild reindeer when hiking

DNT has cabins and routes in many areas inhabited by wild and domesticated reindeer. Therefore, we work to contribute to sustainable wild reindeer management and facilitate outdoor activities that take both wild and domesticated reindeer into account.

Publisert: 23. mai 2024

Wild reindeer live mainly on the bare mountains of Southern Norway, representing the last viable populations of the species in Europe. Norway, therefore, has a special responsibility to protect wild reindeer and their habitats. As wild reindeer habitats are under pressure, anyone hiking in these areas should take precautions.

Here is an overview of the 24 wild reindeer areas in Norway: Villreinområder

Considerate Traveling

man meets reindeer
Stop and move away if you see reindeer.

Wild and domesticated reindeer are vulnerable to disturbance and need peace and quiet. Wild reindeer can become aware of people from a distance of one kilometer and will often run a long way if frightened. Movement requires energy, and time and opportunities for grazing are lost. Reindeer are particularly vulnerable during calving season and need extra peace and quiet from April 15th to June 15th.

Show Consideration for the Wild Reindeer!

  • Follow established paths
  • Remain calm if you encounter reindeer, allowing them to retreat undisturbed
  • Use binoculars and maintain a safe distance to the animals
  • Stay low to the ground and move in a way that carries your scent away from the animals on the wind
  • Keep your dog under control and adhere to leash restrictions

This is important all year around, but especially in spring during calving season and in winter when access to food is limited.

We are not going to avoid hiking in the mountains completely, but together we can take precautions, and DNT is working to make it easy to do so.

Contact Us

Do you have any questions or want to know more about DNT’s work on wild and domesticated reindeer?

Contact Ingeborg Wessel Finstad, Head of Section for Nature and Sustainability, at ingeborg.finstad@dnt.no.


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