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About the DNT cabins

There are three types of cabins with accommodation: Staffed lodges, self-service cabins and no-service cabins. DNT members are given discounts on accommodation at all cabins and on served meals at the staffed lodges.

Publisert: 14. oktober 2023
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Members have priority on bunks when cabins are crowded and can borrow cabin keys against a deposit.

In southern Norway, the member associations have large staffed lodges and most other cabins are self-service. In northern Norway, the member associations have only no-service cabins.

The different cabin types:

Staffed lodges

Staffed lodges serve breakfast and dinner. Many have showers and electricity, either from the power grid or from a local generator. The staffed lodges are open only in certain seasons. Many staffed lodges have self-service or no-service cabins for accommodation out of season. The self-service facilities are not available when the lodge is staffed in season.

Self-service cabins

The self-service cabins are equipped with all that trekkers need for cooking and sleeping. Firewood, gas, kitchen utensils, table linen and bunks with blanks or duvets and pillows (hut sacks, also known as hut sleepers, are required!) The cabins are also stocked with provisions including tinned goods, coffee, tea, rye crispbread and powdered soup packets, but the selection can vary from cabin to cabin.

Here trekkers look after themselves: fetch water, cook food, wash up and chop wood. In high seasons, some cabins have wardens that assist in organising work. At the cabin you have to fill out a payment form for you stay. After your stay you will receive a link for credit card payment or an invoice if that is your choice. This is payment for food and accommodation. Many self-service cabins are closed for periods during the year.

No-service cabins

No-service cabins usually have the same equipment as self-service cabins, but they have no provisions. There also are a few simpler no-service cabins where you'll need a sleeping bag and perhaps more equipment. The descriptions of the cabins include specifications of their equipment. Some of the no-service cabins are closed for periods during the year.

Private cabins

Private staffed lodges resemble but may have higher or lower standards and prices than DNT staffed lodges. Some are real hotels. The seasons of opening vary just as for DNT staffed lodges. A few of the private cabins have limited or no food service. You can advance book at some private cabins to be sure of accomodation, as described in the cabin overviews.

Private self-service cabins resemble their DNT counterparts, but may have different standards, prices and food selections.

Private no-service cabins resemble their DNT counterparts, but may have different standards and prices.

The letter R at the end of a cabin overview means that DNT members are entitled to a discount.

The symbol of a private cabins at ut.no or in a map, is a blue cabin.


With our new booking site we have made it easy for you to plan and book your next stay at DNT cabins. Search for cabin name or area, enter date and number of guests, and you will get cabins with available capacity. 

Go to our booking site for DNT cabins

Read more about booking

Cabin seasons

Most staffed lodges are open from late June until early September, but some have longer or shorter seasons. You can check opening dates at UT.no. The staffed lodges also put out the season bridges when they open. It can be hard to pass a river in june without the bridge. Many no-service cabins also close in some seasons. 

Locking - The DNT Cabin Key

Self-service and no-service cabins are locked with the standard DNT cabin key. If you are a member of DNT or of an affiliated association in another country, you can borrow a DNT cabin key against a deposit of NOK 100, which is refunded upon return. You can pick up and return cabin keys at staffed lodges, DNT member association offices as well as at the offices of DNT representatives in Norway and in other countries. Read more about the DNT-key here.

Many self-service and no-service are unlocked. Some have their own locks. Some cabins are completely closed and not available in some seasons. A cabin may be closed to protect local animals and birds, to comply with an agreement with the owner, or because the trekking association leases it only for certain seasons. Some unstaffed cabins require advance booking, as described in the cabin overviews for each trekking area.

The locking arrangements usually are stated in the cabin lists for each trekking area.


Most staffed lodges have Point-Of-Sale (POS) terminals for payment by debit or credit card. At the self-service cabins you have to fill out a payment form for you stay. Drop the form into the payment box/safe at check out. Keep part 2, this is your copy. After your stay you will receive a link for credit card payment or an invoice if that is your choice. This is payment for food and accommodation.

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