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Explore the glacier Hardangerjøkulen

Welcome to a unique and exciting adventure on Hardangerjøkulen, one of Norway's largest and most impressive glaciers. Throughout the summer season, you have the opportunity to explore this spectacular natural wonder up close, guided safely by the experienced glacier guides from Jøklagutane.

Publisert: 03. juni 2024
Galcier Hiking on Hardangerjøkulen
Brevandring med X-ung på Finse

Galcier Hiking on Hardangerjøkulen

Hardangerjøkulen is renowned for its impressive size and beautiful ice formations. The spectacular views and unique glacial structures make the hike an unforgettable experience. The experienced guides from Jøklagutane will share their knowledge about the glacier’s history, geology, and the environmental factors affecting it. This provides you with a deeper understanding of nature’s forces and the importance of preserving our glaciers.

If you wish to book accommodation at Finsehytta, you can do so here.

Tour description

The tours run daily throughout the summer season, starting at 11:00 AM from Finse train station, with meeting point in the waiting room. The hike lasts 6-7 hours, and the price includes a guide, necessary glacier equipment, and insurance. Participants must be at least 12 years old, although exceptions can sometimes be made for younger children if the family is accustomed to longer and physically demanding day hikes.

The journey begins with a 15-17 km trek through varied high mountain terrain, mostly off the marked DNT trails. The hike includes several stops where you can learn about the area and the glacier's history. At the foot of the glacier, all participants are equipped before heading onto the spectacular glacier in a rope team – we promise an experience you will never forget.

Clothing and equipment

It is important to bring full coverage clothing, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, gloves or mittens, as well as food and drink. You can prepare a packed lunch during breakfast at Finsehytta and fill your thermos there. Weather on Hardangerjøkulen can change quickly, so be sure to have rain and windproof clothing in your backpack.

For footwear, we recommend hiking boots that cover the ankles to fit the crampons used on the glacier. Low shoes are unsuitable as the crampon straps can be uncomfortable.


The tours are organized by Jøklagutane AS. The price is NOK 1060 per person, covering the guide, necessary glacier equipment, and insurance.

Experience Hardangerjøkulen before its too late!


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