regulations in 2021

Sota Sæter in Breheimen.
Sota Sæter in Breheimen. Foto: Marius Dalseg Sætre

The current Covid-19 situation requires that all guests book their cabin visit in advance and follow the preventative measures as guidelined below.

Important information for travelers from other countries: 

All travelers must follow the latest news and travel information from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health along with the health and travel recommendations from your home country. If the Norwegian authorities change their recommendations, we will follow and change our services accordingly.

Travel advice from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health


Everyone must book in advance

DNT has developed a set of preventative measures and a plan to protect against the spread of Covid-19 at our cabins. Please see the new cabin rules listed below. There will be limitations in the number of people who can stay at the cabins at the same time. There are new washing routines for those staying at the cabin, cabin inspectors and cabin personel. The opening times will vary from cabin to cabin. You will therefore need to plan your trip thoroughly and book your cabin visit in advance. Day visits and drop-ins is still not allowed unless the visit is pre-booked. The use of toilets, buying food and camping is now possible, but you must remember to register when entering the cabin.

Staffed cabins: 

The majority of the staffed cabins will be open for summer 2021 and winter 2022. Some cabins will close down during the of season period or restrictions due to wildlife. Please check the staffed cabin you want to visit here. Like other accommodation services in Norway, this is subject to change as the Covid-19 situation is unclear and can change quickly. Most staffed cabins are available for online booking. For the cabins without online booking, you will need to send an email directly to the cabin if you wish to book your stay. 

Self-service and no-service cabins: 

Most of the cabins are available for online booking. For the cabins without online booking, you will need to send an email directly to our staff if you wish to book your stay. Please note that cabins might close down due to wildlife restrictions. Please check the cabin page on for updated opening hours and booking. All cabin visits must be booked in advance. 

Cabin rules

Please update yourself on the health and travel recommendations from the Norwegian goverment, and your national government if you travel from abroad, before you travel. 

  • If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection, do not visit a DNT cabin. This also applies to mild symptoms.

  • DNT are only opening cabins where booking in advance is possible. 

  • The cabins are cleaned regularly. At cabins where it is not possible to carry out a sufficient cleaning routine of the facilities, there must be three days between each visit.

  • Guests must have a 1 meter distance between them at all times. This does not apply to people who live together on a daily basis. This applies as long as this is advised by the authorities.

  • Guests must bring their own bed linen. Sleepingbag is not allowed. On our staffed cabins bed linen will often be provided. Checklists at the cabins must be followed. 

  • As a guest, you are responsible for following the instructions of the cabin, and ensure proper cleaning and hygiene while staying there.

  • Make sure to plan and excersize proper hand hygiene. Bring plenty of wet wipes, soap and alcohol-based disinfectant. Bring your own garbage bags and bring your own garbage home with you. If you visit a self-service cabin with food storage - don't touch items you won't need.

ACTIVITIES and tours

Opening some activities and tours 

In consultation with the authorities, DNT has prepared its own contingency plan for activities. The goal is for all tours and activities to be safe, and for participants and tour leaders to get proper information in advance. In addition, routines have been established for what tour leaders and participants should do if they should feel ill during the trip.

Our top priority is  to keep everyone involved safe. If we follow the instructions, the risk of infection is lessened. Our service is fully in line with the recommendations of the Norwegian health authorities. If the authorities should change their recommendations, we will follow and change our services accordingly.

Rules for activities and tours

The tour leader is responsible that the activity or tour are in compliance with the rules and guidelines. If participants do not comply with the tour leader's requests, they may be asked to leave the group.

  • We are not enforcing any additional age limits for our activities and tours, but it is very important that everyone who participates is healthy and symptom-free.

  • All participants of tours and activities must be registered in advance, with registration of names and contact information. For all organizers of public events, there are strict requirements for traceability in the event of an outbreak of infection. Through registration requirements we also keep control of the group size. 

  • The activity or tour should be carried out in a cautious manner to avoid injury. The group should avoid situations that could potentially lead to the need for assistance from health or emergency services.

Participants and required distance:

  • People not belonging to the same household need to keep a safe distance of one meter. 

  • Avoid physical contact between participants and tour leaders. 

Food and supplies:

  • Everyone must bring necessary personal equipment, including alcohol-based disinfectant/antiseptic.

  • Each participant must bring their own food and drinks, unless other information is given.

  • When car transport is needed, 1 meter distance between participants in the same car is the rule, and it is important that general hygiene advice is followed. The number of passengers is adjusted to the size of the car.


What changes can we expect at the cabins?

We have always prided ourselves in having a place for all at our cabins. Unfortunately this is not the case with because of Covid19. All visits must be booked in advance. 

Is it safe to stay at  DNT cabins?

With safety/preventative measures in place, chances for infection have been lessened. After careful consideration, we are gradually opening our cabins, following all measures recommended by the authorities.

Are there any extra items or precautions I should take, aside from the usual?  

Prepare to exercise proper hand hygiene during your trip. Carry wet wipes, soap and alcohol-based disinfectant/antiseptic. Take garbage bags with you. If staying at a self-service cabin, be careful not to touch or take anything more than what you need.  

Is it allowed to camp/tent by a cabin?

It is now allowed to use the toilet and buy food from the self service cabins. Short visits are therefore allowed, but you cannot cook food, dry clothes, or sit down to eat your lunch inside a self-service or no-service cabin. Day visits at staffed lodges are allowed.

How do you secure a safe trip for all participants?

DNT has set up preventative measures based on the authorities regulations. This has ensured that we are prepared for resuming services and offers. Additionally, all tour leaders have taken preventative courses.

Everyone who does not belong to the same household must stay 1 meter apart. 

Your membership matters

A membership in DNT has never been more valuable. It helps to ensure that the cabins and trails are ready to use as we get through these challenging times. DNT has 550 cabins and over 22,000 km of marked trails across Norway. Thank you for making this possible.